Episode 23: Midnight concert

In the series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’ Peter Dettling shows us the highlights of his 3-year long research in the Swiss Calanda region. He shares with us the adventures of the famous Calanda wolves and the wildlife surrounding it. Every week a new episode airs, and with 52 different episodes, we can enjoy his year-long journey, available in English and Deutsch.

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Episode 23

After Peters encounter with the alpha male wolf of the Calanda wolf pack, he returns to the same spot. This time, he is welcomed by an unusual concert. And while he captures the ongoing daily routines of the wildlife, Peter is confident that this place is the perfect location to be in.

Among the singers were also the three-week old pups. Their voices yet weak and shaky, but they were eager to join the midnight concert.

Peter Dettling

You find episode 23 and all the other previously published episodes on Peter’s Vimeo homepage in English or Deutsch. Watch them back at any time and keep up to date on the new releases weekly.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 23: Midnight concert

  1. A great view of the stars above Switzerland! Dark skies are part of the out doors experience but so many lights now that you’d think electricity was given away for free.

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  3. Well done on bringing information to the public attention on the wolf as a surviving species in spite of the attacks and negative approach by mankind. Wolves, like all wildlife, have a place in the natural order of things and need to be allowed to perform their role which must be to the utimats benefit of all species. Norman Doak. South Africa

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