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Register for Wilderness Academy! Are you hunger for knowledge about wilderness in Europe? The 2nd Wilderness Academy offers you the best place to share your knowledge, learn from best practice examples and meet fellow wilderness advocates from Europe.

“While the European Parliament encourage the European Commission and the EU Member States to improve the sharing of knowledge about wilderness in Europe, there has been very little happenning on this issue since 2009. Therefore our Society decided to initiate the Wilderness Academy which is a unique gathering for like minded people. No one else is doing it, while not we!” says Zoltan Kun, teh chairman of the European Wilderness Society.

The following subjects will be in the focus in Gesäuse during the 3-day event between 30 September and 2 October 2015:

  1. wilderness and freshwater habitats
  2. the legislative protection of wilderness in Europe with particular attention on the current Natura 2000 fitness check
  3. the connection between wildlife and wilderness
  4. what wilderness education tools are available in Europe

In order to learn more about the conference and register yourself, please visit the Wilderness Academy website. We hope to see you there!


Vlado Vancura

Vlado Vancura is the Deputy Chairman and Director of wilderness of the European Wilderness Society and is based in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia.

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